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19th October 2024


The Certified Supply Chain Leader (CSCL) from ISCM is the only program for senior management professionals to gain insights as to how to restructure supply chains in a dynamic and uncertain business ecosystem. CSCL helps with the knowledge and frameworks to evaluate the trade landscape, geography of business, risk and resilience, disruptions around the world, to evolve aligned, technology-enabled, strategic frameworks.

The program is built on future practices required to deal with black swan events as well as political turmoil, environment challenges, natural disasters on one hand and use of technology on the other hand Supply Chain optimization, Planning and Strategy. Each session will built on knowledge skills built in the earlier sessions.

Upon completion, the participants will have learned how to plan for a future that is not like the past, what the costs of such a future might be, and how to make informed decisions on how best to address the uncertainties that might present themselves in the future.

Leaders from some of the leading companies across the world have acquired the CSCL credential.

Target Group

Supply Chain


Demand Planning

Logistics & Customer Service



Supply Planning


Learning Outcome

Over eight sessions, the course will reinforce:

Course Structure

Understanding risk and uncertainty in Supply Chain – the lessons learnt from various kind of disruptions and the significant shift that’s taking place in the world of supply chains
Risk and Resilience from a global supply chain perspective, the challenges, and opportunities – how firms can manage near-term issues of cash management for liquidity and solvency, and how to build broader resilience plans.
Supply and Demand Planning – Exploring the current challenges in SC planning with  focus on Demand planning, Supply planning and S&OP, understanding demand and coping with demand, the new way of looking at demand, where does demand planning, supply planning sit in Supply chain. And how Demand Driven Supply Chains and Adoptive enterprises are being accepted as resilient planning tools.
From Deterministic to Resilient Planning – how firms can make the move from deterministic to resilient supply chains, the pitfalls in the process and create a framework for long term planning.
Logistics Planning – exploring the design implications of rethinking the Logistics and distribution networks in terms of building agility and efficiency on one hand and providing alternative last mile solutions on the other
Do Supply Chains need Sustainability boost – Understanding the GHG emission Scope and capitalizing on the opportunities for ESG in supply chains.
Dynamic Alignment – Designing contemporary supply chains to cope with increasingly volatile operating environment
Planning in the New business context – see how the strategic frameworks for the new supply chain, including the role of technology in terms of sustainability, visibility, agility of supply chains how Integrated Business Planning can be leveraged to align organization to re-define, collaborate, integrate all functions of the supply chain

Program Duration

  • Nine 90-minute, bi weekly sessions taking place each Wednesday from 07:00 PM (IST) to 08:30 PM (IST) and Saturday from 06:00 PM (IST) to 07:30 PM (IST)


  • All who complete the program and pass the exam will be awarded Certified Supply Chain Leader credential.


  • Peer learning, case studies, Scenario building, and live examples from a cross section of industries.

Fees & Registration

Indian participants

INR 88500 Inclusive of GST, for Indian participants. Scan QR code for payment

International Participants


USD 3000/- for International Participant

Lead Faculty

Dr. Rakesh Singh

Chairman ISCM

International Faculty

Dr. John Gattorna

Supply Chain Thought Leader & Partner at Gattorna Alignment

Lora Cecere

Founder Supply Chain Insights

Stefan De Kok

Co-Founder & CEO at Wahupa

Industry Practice Leaders

Vivek Sarbhai

Sr. Director Supply Chain & EHS, India & Middle East at Thermofisher Scientific

R Anand

Chief - Supply Chain at Future Consumer Limited

Dr. Rakesh Sinha

Founder & CEO at Reflexive Supply Chain Solutions

Manish Shakalya

Regional Director Integrated Business Planning - APAC at Zimmer Biomet


Certified Supply Chain Leader

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The Certified Supply Chain Leader (CSCL) is a program designed in India that enables senior supply chain professionals to step back, re-valuate their supply chain strategy, and develop the necessary capabilities for the next normal. CSCL helps with the knowledge and frameworks to evaluate the trade landscape, geography of business, risk and resilience, disruptions around the world, to evolve aligned, technology enabled, strategic frameworks.

The CSCL certification will help you:

  • More than the certification, CSCL will alter your thinking paradigm about supply chain, giving you the ability to re-design your supply chain for a new normal.
  • Help you craft the organizational structure for meeting the challenges of tomorrow
  • Gain an understanding of the mega trends in Logistics and Supply Chain and prepare yourself for it
  • Give you an insight into the geography of demand, supply and production and its impact on your supply chain strategy, and help you plan your supply chain.  
  • Learn from your peers on how different sectors are navigating the new normal.

CSCL was built on developing future practices required to deal with black swan events as well as political turmoil, environment challenges, and natural disasters. Starting from an assessment of the current state of supply chains – the Resolve phase, the cohort evaluates the Resilience Phase, where they will transform their business continuity plans from the normative to deterministic to probabilistic models. In the Return Phase, the focus is on ensuring business continuity and the implications of these actions on the supply chain and logistics. In the final Re-Imagine Phase – they will focus on rethinking how supply chain Planning needs to be structured to enable it to respond to black swan events like the pandemic, and create a whole new supply chain strategy for the organization based on Visibility, Alignment, and Resilience.

CSCL is the only program the focuses on:

  • Understanding the geo-political and economic under pinning’s of supply chain.
  • Link supply chain management with the corporate strategy
  • Explores the changing dynamics of the geography of production, supply and demand
  •  Helps you redesign frameworks for supply chain planning and management during disruptions like pandemics, natural disasters, geo-political developments and the like.
  • Helps you drive value, alignment and sustainability  
  • Explore the dynamics caused by emerging push to digitalization and other technologies
  • Taught by the best minds from academia and industry. 

The program is for management professionals involved in creating, optimizing, or redesigning a supply chain. The participants will be senior supply chain, planning, and procurement professionals. 

It is preferable that candidates for CSCL should have 10 years of relevant experience in planning, logistics, supply chain, sourcing, analytics, distribution, manufacturing, finance, new product development, or IT.  

Yes. CSCL has two types of evaluation – a continuous evaluation by the faculty as the session progress and a final written evaluation.

The evaluation will be continuous in the class room. The final evaluation is on-line.

CSCL is for senior professionals – the evaluation reflects that. The evaluation consists of situation analysis, scenario building, and interpreting supply chain analytics for strategic decision making.

No. There are participants who have not opted for the evaluation. But we would urge you to take it, as it provides a proof of your success.

Under exceptional circumstances, we will re-schedule exams for those who are unable to give the exams on the date announced. This will be at the discretion of ISCM.

As an employer, CSCL will help you:

  • CSCL will help prepare your team for new responsibilities and challenges, by gaining new knowledge and different perspectives.
  • Will help your senior professionals improve their, and more important, their team performance
  • CSCL will help the professionals make a business impact immediately, giving the organization both short term and long term benefit
  • Hone the knowledge of your senior team to understand the emerging supply chain landscape
  • Derive the benefits of a team that is focused on value creation, vertically and horizontally aligned, and customer focused 

If you are a corporate, and you have a team of professionals, you can opt for an in company training. This will enable you to modify the curriculum to suit your industry. You can opt for an in class or virtual program.

Once you qualify, you can add the credential of CSCL as your credential.

Registration, Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations received up to 7 business days prior to date of training will not be charged the course fee. ISCM will process the refunds within 7 to 10 Working days from receipt of the cancellation notice.
  • Cancellations within 7 business days prior to training date, and in no-show up case, registrants liable to pay full amount.
  • Substitutions within a company are permitted, requests must be submitted through email.
  • ISCM reserves the right to amend content, faculty, venue and date of the training program.
  • In case ISCM cancels the training, participants will be refunded the course fee in full within 7 to 10 working days from announcement of cancellation.
  • ISCM shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may be incurred due to such cancellation.
  • ISCM will deduct the charges levied by the payment gateway when processing the refund.

Billing Information

Please be aware that you need to

  • Ensure invoice details shared with ISCM are true and correct, including the name of the person to whom the invoice should be sent .
  • The course price displayed on the website is inclusive of taxes.
  • The total billing amount will be inclusive of 18% GST.
  • You will receive the Downloadable Invoice on the billing email address given.
  • You need to provide GST no. to obtain a final invoice.