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With its deep expertise in planning, optimization, data analytics and supply chain, ISCM is the perfect partner to find solutions to your most vexing problems – solutions suited to the organization culture. 

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There are times when all of us can use a little help from someone who has succeeded. ISCM Mentoring provides one-on-one mentoring to help senior management professionals and managers across the supply chain spectrum align themselves with next practices.

The aim of the ISCM Mentoring program is to:

  • Develop an outside-in perspective
  • Develop a broader understanding of the mega trends in the industry and sector
  • To build critical and analytical thinking on the issues facing the company
  • Understand and evaluate the appropriate technology for your supply chain
  • Boost your confidence and personal skills

The mentor provides advice, counsel, and support on a range of topical areas including: 

  • Covers all key Supply Chain and Logistics processes, from end to end across the business
  • Focuses on end-to-end improvement by leveraging/improving key processes and functions
  • Setting supply chain objectives and goals
  • Supply chain and logistics policy formulation
  • Creating the right framework for supply and demand planning
  • Managing a global supply chain 
  • Optimizing a network 
  • Setting up an analytics program,
  • Running an effective customer centricity program 
  • Managing career and life goals
and more in areas impacting your profit, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, or supply chain goals. 
To begin with, we would like to meet you to discuss the scope and nature of the mentoring required, your expectations and the expected outcome.